Have a Uterus? That’ll Cost You.


Regardless of what you do with it. Women spend more on healthcare than men and it’s been written about in several places. Read the Huffpost article if you have time. Check out the Kaiser Family Foundation brief if you have a lot of time.

 There are many reasons why health insurance companies charge women more. Here’s the Jekyll and Hyde reason that really really irks me. “It costs more to insure women because they do/don’t have babies!” Insurance companies claim, rightly so, that maternity is an expensive endeavor and so women should have to pay more. This seems a bit silly. As if women are the only ones benefiting from the outcome of maternity. We gather the babies all up and keep them in a babyproofed fortress somewhere so nobody else can enjoy the wonder that is baby’s first tantrum.


 Or you might be thinking, “Hey, what about me!? I’m a loving mother to a singular cat and a dozen houseplants. No hospital bills involved.” Well, insurance companies explain that keeping women un-pregnant also has it’s costs. So either way women are expected to pay more than men for healthcare. It’s like a uterus tax. And also they make thirty-something cents less per dollar. Fun.

 Here is where the bright shining beacon of the Affordable Care Act comes in.


It will soon be illegal to charge women more than men for healthcare. Women will be covered whether they choose to remain baby-free (contraceptives and family planning are covered) or breed to their hearts content! Our friends at Kasier Family Foundation inform us that only 12% of current health plans include coverage for maternity. Sure, there are problems with the so called Obamacare. It’s not perfect. It will cause problems for small businesses and low income people who won’t be covered under Medicare. It’s paperwork for everybody. It even has a goofy nickname but this new part of our nation’s healthcare reform will ensure that I am not charged more than the fellow next to me for healthcare. After all, I’m probably not going to get a heart attack and die an early death like that guy over there. I need to be wise with my 77 cents.











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