Toward A Healthy World…!

As I see it, health of the world considered as an international health because it concerns with health from all over the world. When we talk about the health of the world, we directly refer to the World Health Organization (WHO). Basically, the definition of WHO as it mentioned in its website is “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity (1).”  So what are the responsibilities and regulations of WHO toward the public health and population to be more healthier world and what should bring to the world in order to distribute social equity?

According to the article that I read about “Health and social justice” by Jennifer Prah Ruger, she shows us how is the differences between Japan and Zimbabwe in the life span of their population, the net result is that in Japan they have a longer life span than Zimbabwe (2). This is reflects what we called injustice of the health.

Moreover, the percentage of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and even dental decay are more in the wealthier countries than in the poorer countries. To illustrate that, in the rich countries, perhaps they buy more sugary food plus processed food especially for their children, which will generate bad energy for them and eventually lead to dental decay. In contrast, in the poorer countries they don’t have liquidity to do so. This will also reflect the social justice that we have to consider it and think about it in order to improve the health around the world.

Equally important, as Peter Byass proclaimed in his article regarding “The Unequal World of Health Data,” that collected data that enhance the researchers to convey their studies should be equally distributed around all over the countries with no variations. In other words, no matter how the country is rich or poor, to accomplish the purpose of justice and also to benefit the population (3).

To sum up, public health policy should be distributed fairly enough to all countries through WHO in order to achieve one of the goals which is “World Free of Chronic Disease” or at least to obtain justice by educate people through mandatory awareness programs and that could include some real videos and pictures to understand the idea, rather than just giving instructions!



(2) Ruger JP. Health and social justice. Lancet. 2004; 364:1075–1080.

(3) Byass P (2009) The Unequal World of Health Data. PLoS Med 6(11): e1000155. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000155


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