Important, Yet Still Neglected!!!!!

In the developing part of the world there are hundreds of lives that are taken away in the first year or make them disabled for their entire life by diseases that are preventable through vaccination but still there are certain communities in the world who do not receive it because of either unavailability due to poor health systems, or who  refuses to take them because due to their lack of knowledge or some strong religious practices they think that instead of curing them its going to end up their life or make them prone to more diseases. Also due to poor resources of drinking water and poor sanitary conditions hundreds of children still die due to diarrhea and other water borne disease. I know this happens in many part of the world, but i would like to discuss about my country of origin, Pakistan. Lack of availability of pure drinking water put peoples life at stake and make them lose their lives right when it starts. You can imagine how lethal this water could be by looking at sample images  below ( Images taken from Google)

Water                                                                         Contaminated drinking water ( Google )

Apart from this, i was reading through a local research that was done there, and there was an article that was recently posted in a local  newspaper stating that ” One child dies every minute in Pakistan due to vaccine preventable diseases.” And due to this, mortality rate of children is quite high. According to the UNICEF survey,” Every 1,000 children born in the country, 78 die in their first year, and 30 die within their 1st week of birth”.

According to the survey, Recently there was an outbreak of Measles in Pakistan which took a total of about 146 lives. According to the survey in the first few months of 2013, number of reported cases were over 25,000 and the reason was that they were not vaccinated due to lack of resources, which makes Pakistan to be in world’s top 5 countries with un vaccinated children. Vaccines are the cheapest way to save millions of lives around the globe by eliminating diseases. Strong health policies can bring a big change in creating awareness among people regarding deaths due to non administration of vaccine.


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