वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् [Whole world is one single family]



”अयं बन्धुरयं नेति गणना लघुचेतसाम् | उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् || ”
This very famous Sanskrit saying in English means ,

“this one is a relative; this other one is a stranger” is for the mean-minded. For those who’re known as magnanimous, the entire world constitutes but a family.

This concept is also propagated by Marshall McLuhan, a famous Canadian philosopher, under the name of

“global village.”

In ancient Africa, the same philosophy is known by the name of


 It was on 1893, 11th September, exactly 120 years ago swami Vivekananda, a great Indian monk came to USA to give a Historical speech at parliament of world’s religion, Chicago and introduced Indian Philosophies of YOGA and VEDANTA to Western world.

And today in US, Yoga has gone viral. From President Mr.Obama with his wife first lady Michelle Obama had included ‘Yoga Garden’ in their Easter event to planning to make Yoga as a compulsory course in schools of USA.

 So as US always welcomed healthy and innovative things from eastern world, now its time for the eastern world to incorporate newer health care system related ideas and implement those into our respective communities and countries to make this ‘Global Village’ more healthy.

Now I am changing my topic to public health perspective- In USA which I consider as one of the most successful countries in managing and solving Health related issues not only of their own but also for many other countries of the world.  Looking at two very important indicators of Health–






IMR [Infant Mortality Rate]





MMR [Maternal Mortality Rate]






So by learning these newer technologies of health system…Newer Global health care policies and Management… Newer ways of implementing health education and awareness from US lets us all Arise, Awake and Stop not till we make this world better place to live.  

And as a global public health students we all have got excellent opportunity to learn Global health leadership concepts and its implementation. So let us all with full dedication and devotion give our best to our own selves and world.

Thank you USA… Thank you NYU… Thank you to Global institute of public health…

for making a world of difference. 

 It is the first blog of my life. So I warmly welcome suggestions, corrections and comments about my blog.

Thank you for reading it. 



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2 responses to “वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम् [Whole world is one single family]

  1. mita

    my dear son in just 15 days you have made us feel proud. Your leadership qualities seem to be sprouting and we shall see you grow……………………and grow…………………………Nobody can stop you………………….

  2. Chandramouli Swami

    Wow ! This is a great concept, which is today’s real need for the whole world ! Congrats to re initiate it after hundred of years ! In Mahopanishad 6.72,, panch tantra 5.3.37 & Hitopadesh 1.3.71, this shloka is there. Great !A wonderful blog from Yash, the great !

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