Comparing Apple and Orange Values

I think we’re lost….. My friend is well but my neighbor is dying. It is cold. She is hemorrhaging. The bare hand can stop the bleeding but nobody is there. I don’t understand…. Life as it was…sublime and naked. What happened? Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? Shenanigans lurking in the shadows dressed up in suits …reciting dogma and hollow promises. Where did they come from? Who do they represent?
I just remember that warm hand of my neighbor’s aunt and how she held me when I was a kid. The calmness and the peace around her…She was not much into common believes or religion but she seemed connected. Everybody had a place in the sun around her. In fact she could not rest without knowing …you know what I mean… was unbearable. How her soul was consumed by the incompleteness of society and how it destroyed her….You know she was drinking….. I wish people could feel what she felt. It was not about values or compassion…It wasn’t her parents’ gift. It was just the way she was.
There used to be a village on the mountain top across the valley where people had pulled it together. Villagers cared for the ill and hungry. They were growing melons year around thanks to an irrigation system in place. All kids were in school and the village counsel settled whatever conflict aroused in town…but as the village expanded and incentives changed people lost the sense of direction and common purpose. There was also interference from outside about priorities… and the nurse left for a better job in Kinshasa.
Dooms day? I don’t know. It is bizarre. We’re chasing around and around and we do not know how to stop. I don’t feel you. You do not feel me. As if the complexity of life diminishes its value.
How can we come together and organize this thing?


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