Comparative Health Systems


Josefina Espinoza

Health system is the combination of different organizations and resources which the main concerns is people’s health.

Comparing health systems among the four leaders in health care, such as Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom reinforce how health care is obtained the right to guarantee health care. Is a moral and cultural foundation that in the United States is missing, and that’s why the universal coverage has failed in this country? Our system is inhumane and wasteful and should be replaced with something more human and rational providing access to healthcare for everyone.

Each country has different ways of sustaining their own health care system and the most important thing is that they all work. The funding either comes from national revenues or work social insurance contributions including small amount of costs sharing by patients. Challenges are similar in different countries.

“Respect for human dignity and not having fear for the economic burden just for seeking health care”, is what Lawrence D. Brown mention in the article of Public Health Matters.  In the United States there is “path dependence” with the private insurance were our choices are limited, and unfortunately hundreds of millions of people depends on it. A new system can be built on the old one, and it will be far better for most people. Private health insurance should be replaced by the National insurance program so adequate health care can be provided for everyone so life expectancy and reduction infant and adult mortality can be attained.

 One way to finance this type of program could be the implementation of self-impose payroll tax to employees rather than a set premium tax, to cover all wage earners, their dependents, retirees and uninsured people can also be included. Penalty to the employers who don’t provide medical coverage’s should be reinforced.


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